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vPTOKEN is an application token issued by vPin. It is an important token that promotes the development of vPin Decentralized Digital Ecosystem. Based on our economic model, all participants and developers are encouraged to invest in the maintenance of the overall ecological network through the community governance of our Tokens.

BSCAN Contract : 0x05eA7f09262bA7a6DE384317c5a93b8334e75f8a

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1 vPT = N/A USD

NOTE: Every Token currently available for sale represents actual shares in a Real Estate Property, these shares and ownership rights to the property matching your total Token Acquired will be transfer to your BNB wallet address.

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Brief Overview

Our Digital Ecosystem

The main mission of vPin Digital Ecosystem is to provide consumers with access to cryptocurrency-based digitization of Medical, Agricultural and Real Estate investment services and opportunities. The main focus of our digital infrastructure is the high level of security, ownership rights/claims that comes with the decentralization of assets storage,
protection and authenticity.

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Our Best Features

Why should you invest in vPToken? Apart from our massive reward structure that caters up to a 20 levels referral earning system, below are a few of the features that is taking our community to the future

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With our Multi-signature wallet, all transactions can be checked on the blockchain, open and transparent and cannot be tampered with

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Decentralized Healthcare

We are joining the lead in the digital tokenization of healthhcare and life insurance, entirely free from manipulation and central management

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Our digital infrastructure model implements ownership rights/claims based on validations in a decentralized environment. Eliminating fraud entirely

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Smart Aggregate Transaction

vPToken is built on the BSC smart chain, which can realize transactions between two arbitrary tokens on the same network

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Secure Transaction

Every transaction and contract is performed and verified on the blockchain and remains binding with no room for manipulation

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Digital Assets Management

From real estate to agriculture and medical advancement, vPToken gives you exclusive investment access to our digital ecosystem

The Timeline

Stratagy & Roadmap

Over the course of 6 years, these are some of the great milestones we have achieved with consistent efforts managing and utilizing internally generated funds to its fullest.


Conceptualization and Research

Defining the main concepts and segments of vPin, vPin Token and our Digital Ecosytem of services

January 1970


vPin Private Hub

Design and development of vPin exclusive community

January 1970


vPin Token

Development and deployment of 400,000,000 vPTokens on Binance Blockchain

January 1970


Hybrid Market Zone

Development and deployment of Real Estate investment digitalization and tokenization

January 1970



Development and deployment of PayMe local and cross-border secure remmittance

January 1970



Development of digitalized healthcare applications Initiated

January 1970



Integration and adoption of ARGNES AI into the vPin Digital Ecosystem

January 1970

Token Statistics

You can catch an overall glimpse of any available, currently running or upcoming public or private offer below

Token Information

Token Name = vPin Token

Token Symbol = vPT

Phase - Price

Stage of Phase = Not Available

Price = N/A USD (1 vPT = N/A USD)

Token Date-Time

Start Date = N/A

End Date = N/A

Limit Per Transaction

Min Amount = N/A

Max Amount = N/A

Soft Cap & Hard Cap

Soft Cap = N/A

Hard Cap = N/A


Total Token = N/A

Raised Token = N/A

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